Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

We’re gearing up for the Holidays here at Jekyll Brewing, we’re brewing more beers, and stocking the Taproom and our retailers with more cans and bottles. We’ve stocked up our Webshop with new shirts, hats, glasses, and much more for your Holiday gift buying for that Jekyll Brewing loved one on your list. As it’s getting colder, we’ve certainly been drinking a lot of darker beers ourselves, which go great with the incredible snow and cold weather we’ve been having. We’ve also still been enjoying IPAs, and have just launched Secret Apollo in cans, our most requested IPA from the Taproom. It follows the long lineup of hazy, fluffy IPAs we’ve been releasing lately, including Southern Juicy Juice, Flightless Fowl, and Bad Breakup.

These beers would likely not have been possible before SB85 was passed on September 1st, paving the way for us to be able to brew small batches that could be sold in our Taproom. The freedom to do small batches allows us to experiment with even more hop combinations and styles. We’ve done a Schwarz Bier, an Amber Ale, a Chocolate Rye, a Porter, and even a Pineapple and Coconut-infused Lager, among many others. This freedom lets us create new beers more quickly, because the beers don’t have to be sold on a larger scale through the distribution network. They can be tested, feedback given, and adjustments made much quicker, meaning the consumer always has an even larger voice in the beer lineup we offer in our Taproom and in the community through all our retail partners. It also means our beers are better across the board, and will continue to improve even more.

This year, as the end of the year winds down, we’re thankful for the new beer laws that allow us to innovate and expand, which is good for our brewery, our distributors, our retailers, and last (but not least), those who enjoy our beers in establishments or in their homes. We’re thankful for a great team of folks who work very hard every day to put out the best beer we can, from Josh and Bryan, who brew it, to the cellar team who treat each batch with love and care, to the folks who package it and prep it for delivery to our distribution partners. From the team in the office designing cans, selling our beer in the field, to everyone in between (including the guy writing this and managing our social media experience), we thank you for being a part of our story. We hope and pray that in this season of hustle and bustle you take time to remember what’s important in your life. Good family, good friends, good community, and good beer.

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