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“Santa Baby.” You’ve heard the song before, and if you listen to Christmas music during this season at work, or in the malls, you’ll hear it many times. The song was recorded with Eartha Kitt in 1953, and has since been covered by Madonna, Taylor Swift, Michael Bublé, and others. In the song, Miss Kitt sings her Christmas wish list from her man, and the list is ever long. So what does it include? We have compiled this list, but don’t worry, “really that’s not a lot.”

  1. A Sable. A sable is a fur coat from a member of the weasel family, predominately found in Asia. Fur coats hit mass popularity in the 1950’s and were the must-have for women who followed fashion. A sable coat cost was about $500 in 1953, and was very expensive when you consider the average salary was about $25.00 per week.

  2. A light blue “auto space convertible.” A Cadillac convertible sold for around $5000.00 in 1953.

  3. A yacht. Yachts ranged in price from $50,000-$100,000 in the 1950s.

  4. A deed to a platinum mine. Platinum was the metal of choice for rings and jewelry, and although no data is recorded on what a platinum mine would have cost then, it probably would cost a literal fortune. 

  5. A duplex. A duplex in NY would cost you $25,000 in 1953.

  6. Signed blank checks.

  7. Decorations from Tiffany. In the 1950s, Tiffany made diamond rings, bracelets, and other things. Did you know that Tiffany makes the Lombardi Trophy, the trophy given to the winners of the Super Bowl?

  8. A ring. A diamond ring sold for around $400.00 in 1953.

She says it’s not a lot, but it sure seems like a lot. You know what’s not a lot? Spending valuable time with friends and family this Holiday season. In this season of hustle and bustle, of shopping and chaos, take as many moments as you can to relax and be grateful for what you already have. This season isn’t about the gifts under the trees, it’s about the time we spend with our loved ones, the laughs, the memories. Our wish for you this Holiday season is that it be filled with love and peace, joy and great food and drinks. And if those drinks should happen to have a Jekyll Brewing label, even better. The very best from your friends at Jekyll Brewing.

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