If you haven’t started planning your Halloween Costume yet, you’d better throw on last year’s for our tap room! The festivities are right around the corner and we’re gearing up for our final party of the year: October 31. Start your Halloween Party crawl here at Jekyll and check out some festive new brews.

craft beer
One of our team’s Halloween beers in its fermentation stage.

New Beer

There’s a lot of creative brewers behind the scenes at Jekyll, and we want to showcase their talents. That’s why we gave ’em a budget and cut ’em loose to brew a beer of their choice as part of an internal brew contest. The only stipulation? It has to be a Halloween-themed beer.

Although there is one team sneaking in a trick, many teams chose to flavor their beers with treats like Halloween candy or Thanksgiving spices. The teams are wrapping up fermentation on their beers, and here are the contenders: a Three Muskacheers Milk Stout, a Country Bumpkin Pumpkin Belgian Amber, Frankenstout, and Nightwalker ‘Nilla Porter. Can you guess which one is the tricky one?

Best of all, you get to taste them and vote for your favorite.

Costume Contest

Later in the night, we’ll also host a costume contest. Even Jekyll’s tap room team will be in costume, so don’t be shy! We’ll award Best Lady’s Costume, Best Gent’s Costume, and Best Couple’s Costume to the guests who receive the crowd response that blows us away! Winners will receive a Jekyll t-shirt. Call or text your friends (but not group texts, no one likes those) and tell them to join you in the tap room for a tour, tasting–and, of course, to empty their lungs on us during voting.

The Fine Print

That’s some of the fun stuff, now here are the details: With the new revisions to SB 63, everyone gets to take home a crowler (32-ounce can) of beer. You can choose from any of our year-round brews or any seasonals we have on tap. Unfortunately, we must reserve the very limited amount of contest beers for voting and tasting on-site. As you’ve come to expect at Jekyll, the party kicks off at 1:00 p.m., and we’ll sample until closing time at 9:00 p.m. Voting begins as soon as we open our doors, so get here on time to sample the full lineup.

$18 per person | Pay at the door | All guests must be 21+ | Sorry, no dogs

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