Jekyll Brewing is delighted to announce that Bryan Johnson is taking up the gauntlet to become Head Brewer. Johnson, an Alpharetta native, brought a range of hands-on experience to Jekyll Brewing, having been with us since our humble beginnings and contributing to a variety of other areas at Jekyll including bottling beer and working in our taproom.



“I’m very proud to have been with Jekyll from the start. It proves that hard work pays off not just in craft beer but anywhere,” Johnson said. “I was going to do whatever it took to make Jekyll great; I made an effort to learn something new every day.” Johnson quickly credits both his and Jekyll’s success to a team effort.


Johnson moves into his leadership role under the creative direction of Brewmaster and Co-Owner Josh Rachel.


Johnson’s interest in craft beer began well before Jekyll when he homebrewed with friends. Once aboard as a brewer, Johnson quickly rose in the ranks to Assistant Brewer, next Shift Leader, then Lead Brewer. Now as Head Brewer, he says his goals are to continue to produce the highest quality craft beer and expand the Jekyll brand, perhaps experimenting with new styles.


While at Jekyll, Johnson notably contributed to Jekyll’s Redneck Christmas Stout recipe development. He has also loaned his talents to some of Jekyll’s more unique beers, including Boo’s O.G. West Coast IPA, which Rachel selected to be a part of the taproom’s JR Exclusive Release Series.

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