This week, we’d like to thank our Director of Operations, Jeff Cronin, for all the work he does to help us make the best beer we can each week. Jeff makes sure our beer gets brewed on schedule, gets canned or bottled, and gets to where it needs to go next fresh. He oversees a large team of dedicated folks who also work each day to get you our beer as fresh as it gets. We appreciate Jeff for all his hard work in making sure the parts of this machine are working great every day. We asked Jeff to tell us a little about himself, and this is what he said-

“I started brewing in 1986 while stationed in Saratoga Springs, NY with the U.S. Navy. Back then there were no homebrew shops and everything was done by mail-order. The first batch I made was over carbonated and when the bottles started exploding, I called all the sailors in my apartment building for an impromptu party to help me salvage what I could. From that moment, I was hooked. Over the years I’ve brewed many a batch as a homebrewer and, as a professional, I’ve consulted at a couple craft breweries, one macro brewery and worked at a micro-brewery in Wisconsin. From 1998 through 2015 I had the great privilege to be a stay-at-home dad and raise my 2 children. When both went off to college at UGA, I was preparing to return to the full-time work force when a position at Jekyll as a Brewer opened up. That lead to my current position as Director of Operations. During my time here we’ve grown from a manually operated 10 barrel brew system with a mix of 30 and 100 barrel fermenters, manual kegging operations and a bottle line to a 50 barrel automated brewhouse, a centrifuge clarification system, hop injection unit, semi-automated keg washer/filler system, a new canning line, an expanded taproom and, just recently, the inception of Jekyll Coffee Labs and roasted coffee sales. It’s a great place to work and one of the best jobs I’ve ever had.”

If you see Jeff, tell him “Thanks for all you do!”

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