When I first started here, one thing that immediately stood out to me about Jekyll Brewing was it’s people. The stories. The history. The passions. I identified early on that one of my biggest areas of opportunity here was sharing with you about the people who make this brewery what it is, and what makes it different than the many breweries that dot our landscape. So I’m starting a weekly series to be posted here on our Blog that will highlight our team, and give you a better picture of who Jekyll Brewing is. So to start, I’m going to start with me, which seems narcissistic, but is important to give you context for who will be telling this story.

My name is Jason Dominy, and I’ve been managing our social media and much of our marketing since the beginning of August. Before coming here, I ran social for one of the largest tech companies in the world for one of their brands, and before that I was in the agency space, managing and creating social media for brands like Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Wells Fargo, and Chick-fil-A. And prior to that, I did marketing and more in the specialty coffee world, very similar to the craft beer world. Much of the work I do now is almost identical to the work I did in the specialty coffee world, educating people as to the difference between specialty coffee and Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, now the difference between Jekyll Brewing beer and Blue Moon or Budweiser. Much of my work is in storytelling, social media, press releases, influencer outreach, events, and helping start up our coffee arm, Jekyll Coffee Lab. If you interact with someone on social media or Untappd, it’s me.

I’ve been active in craft beer for 6 years, homebrewing myself for the past 3 years. My favorite Jekyll Brewing beer is coming out in two weeks, but it’s been 4Hundy. I’m also the co-host of a craft beer podcast (The Last Beer Show, on the ABV Network), and write about coffee beers for Sprudge.com. I’ve been married to April for 15 years, and we have two Yorkies, Boone and Cooper. It’s nice to meet you. If you ever have comments about our social media, feel free to email me at jasond@jekyllbrewing.com. Cheers!



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