“This week, I asked Bryan Layman to tell his story. Bryan is our Director of Sales Operations. He’s the guy making sure our beers are in grocery stores, bottle shops, restaurants, bars, and more. This week, meet Bryan-

My history in beer started actually before I could legally drink beer! In 1998, I entered the business as a Route Assistant at a local Atlanta beer distributor. And boy, let me tell you I learned a lot. And when I say I learned a lot I MEAN A LOT. Fun beer fact, did you know a full keg of beer weighs roughly 162 lbs…talk about a work out?!! Over the next 15 years I worked my way through the ranks up to Driver, Sales Rep, Territory Manager and then to Sales Manager. All of that instilled a love of beer and the industry as a whole which drove me to want to learn more. I was then fortunate enough to meet Michael Lundmark, and with that I passionately decided to join the supplier side and help grow Jekyll Brewing. Since then we have become one of the Southeast’s top producing craft breweries.

I’ve never home brewed but always wanted to. Most likely because I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I don’t ever be known as “that guy” that brewed the funky beer… I mean we ALL know that guy. 😊 Working for a distributor always allowed me to have some of the best beers out in the market so I let the guys who knew what they were doing brew my beers for consumption.

My favorite beer, now that’s a funny story… For those of you who knew me before making the switch to Jekyll Brewing I was always a Lager/light beer drinker. Now I’m a changed man and wouldn’t have it any other way! Give me a full flavored IPA any time of the day and I’m one happy camper. My favorite Jekyll Brewing beer currently is Southern Juice, it’s perfect combination of tropical flavors, balanced bitterness and packing just enough of that punch (if you catch my draft)!

Mi Familia/Things I like to do – I’m originally from West Georgia and now live in Buckhead with my better half Amanda and our two dogs Zoey and Frye. You can follow them on Instagram @specialzoey @fryetastic_the_frenchie – they are always up to something. I also have 3 brothers and one happens to my twin so if you see him drinking something other than a Jekyll don’t yell at him, it isn’t me. When I’m not working I like to be outside, whether by the pool, lake, grilling out or just hanging out with friends having some cold brews. Fall is my favorite time of year too because that means FOOTBALL, that’s when you can catch me outside cheering on the Seminoles and Falcons.”

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