This week, we’re highlighting Ben Clopper, who is on our brewing, and is heading up our new Yeast Program. Here’s a little bit about Ben, and if you see him in the Taproom, give him a big high-five for all his hard work. We sure appreciate it. 

I got into craft beer in the mid 2000s. I grew up in Buffalo, NY drinking what everyone else was drinking around me–Canadian macros. One day, intrigued by its packaging (I’m a sucker for a good label), I picked up a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, took a sip, and was blown away by the intensity and depth of its flavor and aroma. That moment turned out to be the beginning of my lifelong journey exploring and appreciating craft beer. From then on, I tried all the unique and local beers that I could get my hands on. To this day, visiting breweries and beer bars remains one of my favorite ways to travel and explore new parts of the world. I took my first step toward working in the craft beer industry in 2009, when I started brewing my own beers. I got deeper and deeper into craft beer and homebrewing over the next few years. Meanwhile, I continued building on the career path that I began after college, and ended up going to graduate school in CT, where I met my lovely, soon-to-be wife, Robyn. During that whole time, I tried to ignore the nagging feeling that I should follow my dream and work in a brewery. When Robyn’s career brought us down to Atlanta, I decided that my time to make the jump into brewing had come. A few weeks after we moved here, I joined the Jekyll team, and haven’t looked back since!

When Robyn and I aren’t drinking delicious beers, you can safely bet that we’re hanging out with our friends, enjoying delicious meals, or traveling to explore new places. 

Favorite Jekyll beer: This is a tough one, so I’ll choose a few. After I finish a shift, it’s Tart Vise, because it is so refreshing and crushable. One my own time, I love intensely hoppy beers, like Secret Apollo. There are some times that demand nothing less than a big, layered beer, though, which is when I grab a Copious.

Favorite style: Although it’s not BJCP recognized (yet), I’m going to say New England IPA. The combination of intense hop flavor and aroma, smooth and full mouthfeel, as well as their ability to quench while still packing a formidable ABV, to me, is pretty unbeatable.

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