My name is Jason Dominy, and I manage all our social media and marketing/PR efforts. I’ve been here a couple of months, and I thought I’d give you an insider’s look at Jekyll Brewing as an employee so you can understand just who we are and what we do. I was first drawn here for the people, and it’s the people that keep me here and happy. If you’ve only purchased our beers in your local grocery store, and never been to our Taproom or brewery, you might just miss this human element. And yet, it’s the very thing that permeates everything we do here and why we do it. One of the first things that struck me as special was this letter to employees posted around the brewery and office. To me, it further gave meaning to my own job and role here at Jekyll Brewing, and made me feel even better about where I’m at. I’m sharing it with you below, because I think it will help you understand what’s behind every bottle and can of Jekyll Brewing beer. Thank you for being a part of our story.

“Our name is Jekyll Brewing. We are passionate purveyors of craft beer products. We are brewers, cellarmen (and cellarwomen), packagers, Taproom workers, managers, creative marketers, and brand reps. We are friends, family members, and caring citizens. There is no one person more important or valuable than another. Every person at Jekyll Brewing adds a very special value to the beers and experience we want to share in the community. We are not just here just to manufacture and sell beer. We are here to share our passion of craft beer and create an amazing experience for our community.

We want to use our passion to make a positive difference in our community. We want our team to make available amazing products to share with the community. The world of craft beer is so vast; There are so many styles, flavors, and blends to enjoy. Our palate thirsts to find the next amazing craft beer. By sharing with the community, it presents a unique opportunity to impact our community in a multitude of positive ways. We have been blessed to have found many of these community impact opportunities, but many more are to be discovered. Sharing a craft beverage allows us to start a conversation with the community. Sharing the conversation allows our voice the strength to discuss and impact other important community topics.

Cheers to you, cheers to who you are, and the special part you add to our Jekyll Brewing family. Thank you for being a friend, a co-worker, and a family member at Jekyll Brewing. Thank you for sharing your passion with us, so together we can share the same passion with our community.

Forever grateful,

Michael Lundmark”

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