We are excited to announce that our Seven Bridges Oktoberfest, a Märzen style beer fermented with true German lager yeast, will be available in package and on tap in select markets in Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina, from mid-August through October 2016. Jekyll Brewing debuted Seven Bridges two years ago, in limited quantities, on draft only. This is the first time the seasonal release will also be bottled and available for purchase on retail shelves.

The traditional Märzen style gained popularity in Germany around the mid-19th century when, due to lack of refrigeration, beer was only brewed from autumn through spring, as warm summer weather made fermentation too risky. The month of March (März in German) was considered the last practical month for brewing, so beers made in March were subsequently stored in cool cellars (cool caves prior to refrigeration invention) where they would mature for consumption later in the year. Centuries ago, the concept of fermentation was not understood and Germans believed that the gods had blessed the liquid they put into the cool caves, turning it into their coveted beer. In September, the celebration of the crop harvest was referred to as Oktoberfest.  The Marzen style beer was pulled from the cool caves and enjoyed as a part of the Oktoberfest celebration.

“This is a challenging style for a brewer, as this beer requires more brew and tank time than others, and special attention needs to be paid to fluctuations in temperature levels and yeast management throughout the brew process,” explained Josh Rachel, Jekyll Brewing’s Co-Owner and BrewMaster. Seven Bridges nods to both the traditional German Märzen-style as well as new American techniques, by using both Munich malts and Tettnanger hops. “We always pay respect to historic styles of beer. However, as an American brewer, by nature, the beers I create tend to have an American influence – which provides for a slight twist on the traditional,” Rachel continued. After six weeks of brewing, fermentation and cold conditioning, this malty, golden amber brew is ready for the public. Seven Bridges is a medium-bodied, lightly toasted, bready beer with notes of biscuit and honey. At 24 IBU and with an ABV of 5.3%, it has low hop bitterness with slightly spicy malt flavors and a finish that is characteristically well balanced and smooth on the palate.

At Jekyll Brewing, we pride ourselves on our Southern heritage and the rich history of Georgia, by epitomizing Southern culture in everything they produce. While Seven Bridges is traditionally German in nature, the name is wildly regional: inspired by the allegedly haunted CCC Road with seven bridges, in Rome, Georgia.  Also known as Seven Bridges Road, legend has it if one travels the road from East to West, he or she will count seven bridges on the way in, however, on the return back (West to East), only six bridges remain.

As summer draws to a close, Jekyll Brewing is giving craft beer lovers something to look forward to with the release of a true seasonal brew that celebrates the coming of fall and cooler months ahead.

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