Our fall seasonal beer, Seven Bridges Oktoberfest, will roll out this week, and you should see it out-n-about by early September. Our Märzen-style beer, whose name means March in German, is a deep copper color and boasts a moderate bitterness. Its full, bready character rests on a toasted malt backbone. Seven Bridges’ alchol content clocks in at 5.3% and it has a low bitterness at 24 IBU.

The beer’s name is a nod to a ghost story from Rome, Georgia. Legend has it that when traveling west on CCC Road in Rome, you’d cross seven small bridges, however on your return path, you’d only count six (cue Twilight Zone theme song). At the west end of the road are ruins of an old church and cemetery, and folks claim to have heard music coming from the church at night along with crying and footsteps in the cemetery.

Using traditional ingredients, Seven Bridges’ style is rooted in the Oktoberfest celebration in Germany. Brewers started the beer in March and stored the beer  inside caves to keep it cold through its summer-long fermentation. Once complete, they pulled the lager from the caves in October to drink during their Oktoberfest celebration.

“When autumn arrives, Oktoberfest is the quintessential German beer style,” says Josh Rachel, brewmaster and co-owner of Jekyll Brewing. Rachel continued, stating that Oktoberfest is sometimes a difficult style to brew. “Oktoberfest can be considered one of the more challenging styles to brew correctly while remaining true to its origin. It’s a very clean style and any imperfections will stand out; this lager requires a lot of attention to detail, including yeast health and fermentation temperature, which are critical to crafting an outstanding Oktoberfest.”

Craft beer lovers can find Seven Bridges in Jekyll Brewing’s taproom, some restaurants and growler shops. If a customer’s preferred retailer does not carry Jekyll’s beer, customers can simply ask for Jekyll Brewing by name.

All of Jekyll Brewing is inspired by stories, brewing traditions, and legends of the Deep South. Jekyll Brewing brews and bottles its beer at 2855 Marconi Drive, Suite 350 in Alpharetta, GA. The taproom is open for tours and tastings Tuesday through Thursday, 5:00 – 9:00 p.m., Friday 4:00 – 9:00 p.m., and on Saturdays 1:00 – 9:00 p.m. Thanks to the passage of SB 63, tap room guests may now choose to upgrade their Standard Tours to include up to two crowlers (64 ounces total) of beer for at-home consumption.

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