We are proud to announce the launch of Jekyll Coffee Lab, a brewery-roasted coffee program. We join a very small number of breweries around the country who also roast coffee, although when you think about it, it’s actually a very organic and natural thing. Founder and Co-Owner Mike Lundmark has been roasting coffee at his home for years, and the addition of coffee to our lineup is a natural extension. Most people don’t start their day with beer, they start with coffee. And the similarities between specialty coffee and craft beer are endless. From how it’s roasted to how it’s brewed, there are many opportunities to put your special mark on a beer or coffee, and that’s what we’re doing. The coffee program launched this week, and bags are available both in our Taproom and online on our website.

The first coffee we launched with is a Colombia Tolima, which is both Fair Trade and Certified Organic. It has flavor profiles of sweet chocolate, caramel, and berry notes. It’s a great coffee to drink black or with whatever you decide to add to it. We paid more for the coffee because it’s a certified Fair Trade and Organic coffee, but those things are important to us and our fans. While all of our coffees will not be certified as Fair Trade or Organic, all of our coffee will be as sustainable and socially-conscious as possible. We believe the people that grow and process the coffee should be paid a fair wage for their hard work, and we believe that as we buy coffee, how it’s grown should allow for it to be sustainable long-term for the families that depend on it.
Future coffee offerings include coffee from Rwanda, Mexico, Costa Rica, Kenya, and more. We’re also planning cold brew and Taproom-brewed coffee options, as well as the ability to use the coffee in our beers. Coffee and beer from the same place, what an incredible time to be alive!

You can buy the coffee online here- https://jekyll-brewing.myshopify.com/products/jekyll-coffee-lab-12-ounce-whole-bean-Colombian

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