Crowlers of Southern Session, Big Creek, and Hop Dang Diggity.
Clarifications to Senate Bill 63 caused Jekyll to revise and simplify to a single tour package.

You were probably just as excited as we were to see Senate Bill 63 (SB 63) go into effect July 1, 2015. It was encouraging for us to be able to respond to our guests’ demands for a small amount of take-home beer–and that part hasn’t changed. You can still take home beer straight from the brewery and we’re still happy to abide by these revisions, however, some details about our tours have changed.

We’re still giving tours during tap room hours, and you still receive up to 36 ounces of beer for your sampling pleasure. The difference is now our tour offering is much simpler.

We only offer one tour package at this time. Every guest who purchases a tour package receives the tour of our brewery and a souvenir glass with 6 tasting tickets. When you’re ready to leave, you bring your tour purchase receipt to a tap room team member to redeem one crowler (32-ounce can) of beer to enjoy at home. You can only redeem your souvenir crowler on the same day as your tour. These changes will also allow you to take home a wider variety of beer in a crowler, which is you asked for. We heard ya!

We hope to see you in our tap room sometime soon, and don’t let these growing pains scare ya off. We’re still just as committed as we were in the beginning. Cheers!

Here’s a link to the full text clarification, the relevant portion of which is quoted below.


Can a manufacturer charge varying fees for facility tours?

Yes. However, the basis for varying fees may not be due to differences in the volume or market value of alcohol provided to tour attendees. Fees may vary based on the furnishing of non-alcoholic promotional items, the day of the week, live entertainment, etc. However, a manufacturer who furnishes beverage alcohol in the course of a tour must not vary prices based on the change in relative market value or volume of the alcoholic beverages furnished.

For example, a manufacturer must charge the same rate for a tour where one tour attendee elects to sample free beverage alcohol during a tour and the second attendee elects to sample free beverage alcohol and receive a free beverage alcohol souvenir.


What are free tastings and free souvenirs?

Free tastings are complimentary samples of malt beverage or distilled spirits given to tour attendees for consumption on the premises of the manufacturer before, during, or after a tour. Free souvenirs are complementary sealed containers of malt beverage or a single sealed container of distilled spirits given to tour attendees for consumption off of the premises of the manufacturer. For these purposes, “sealed” means to fasten or close securely. The definition could include a vacuum sealed or shrink wrapped container lid, but such a process is not necessary to satisfy Department of Revenue requirements.

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