September 1st, 2017 is a huge day for us and craft beer in Georgia; it’s the first-time consumers can walk into a brewery and buy either a pint of beer, or a six pack to-go. I know what you may be thinking- “I’ve been able to drink at a brewery before and take beer home”, yes, that’s true, but previously you were actually purchasing a tour and getting souvenirs of tasting beers and tasting beers to go, via tickets and receipts. As of September 1st, we’ll all be doing away with ticketed pours, and you can buy the beers you want to drink in multiple sizes. We’ll also be able to do flights of our beers, something not previously possible. It really is a huge game-changer for us as a brewery.

Why? Because Jekyll Brewing was created around the idea of community and bringing people together around the commonality of craft beer. We believe that this new law of the land will help us better build a taproom of community, where you can come more often after a long day of work and relax with friends and family. We envision more folks coming after work for a beer and a round or two of cornhole with friends, and this makes us happy. Because in these times of stress and constant friction all around us, we all need a place and a space where you can just “be.” Where you can sit back with a pint of locally-brewed beer from folks just like you, and a place where you can put aside all the discourse for at least that time you’re here. Because when you’re here, you’re a neighbor, a friend, and that’s the way we believe life is best lived.

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